Shiro Cool Mint Strong

Shiro Cool Mint Strong has an instinctive cold sense of mint and a really fresh taste, thanks to the combination of spearmint and menthol. The completely white slim portions contain nicotine, but no tobacco.

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  • 1 piece CHF 10.59/piece
  • -15% 10-pack CHF 8.99 /piece
  • -31% 30-pack CHF 7.29 /piece
  • -43% 120-pack CHF 5.99 /piece
  • -44% 200-pack CHF 5.89 /piece
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CHF 10.59
Shiro Cool Mint Strong
Shiro Cool Mint Strong
More Information
Nicotine (mg/g) 10mg
Content (g/can) 12g
Format Slim
Type All White
Brand Shiro
Manufacturer AG Snus
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