Siberia Black Slim

Siberia Black Slim is here with it's extremely strong 43mg/g nicotine content. It has a classy and spice taste with peppery and flowery hint. With a slim sized portion thats fits nice under the lip.

Auf Lager
  • 1 piece 4,40 CHF /piece
  • -11% 10-pack 3,90 CHF /piece
  • -14% 30-pack 3,80 CHF /piece
  • -16% 60-pack 3,70 CHF /piece
  • - +
4,40 CHF
Siberia Black Slim
Siberia Black Slim
Weitere Informationen
Nikotin (mg/g) 43mg
Content (g/can) 20g
Format Slim
TYP Original
Brand Siberia
Manufacturer GN Tobacco
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